Sunday, December 18, 2005

2006 IQ Links Countdown

The 2006 season is almost here. Here's the full WTA Backspin countdown that led up to the debut of this season's "Intriguing Questions" series, with a link a day to pass the time away:

10..."The 10 Commandments of Tennis" (

9..."9 Basic Facts About Strings" (

8...The official Russian website of the world's #8-ranked player ( Check out the Russian language version!

7..."7 Little Tennis Riddles" (

6...The official site of the Queen herself, the world's #6-ranked player (

5...Jon Wertheim's "2005 Baggie Awards" (

4..."How to Beat 4 Major Types of Tennis Opponent" (

3...A Three-piece gift item that Anna Smashnova and Shahar Peer might love (

2...World #2 Kim Clijsters' official site ( (check out the Kim & Elke photoshoots!)

1...The official WTA Tour bio of a former world #1 ( (and that's about as blatant a hint as I can give about the subject of "2006 Intriguing Question #10")

and away we go...


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