Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wk.9- Justine. Good.

[WTA Backspin: Caveman Edition]

[ Editor's note: subbing for Todd this week is Carl Caveman. He has promised to do his best. ]

Carl think Carl look handsome in photo.

S: Justine Henin d. Svetlana Kuznetsova 6-4/6-2
D: Hingis/Kirilenko d. Szavay/Uhlirova
S: Emilie Loit d. Flavia Pennetta 7-6/6-4
D: Dominguez-Lino/Parra Santonja d. Loit/Pratt

Justine. Doha. Good. Again. Back-to-back titles. Eight straight matches. Finals in nine of last ten events, plus Fed Cup. Carl scared of Justine! Must fight urge to beat with stick! Carl using calming techniques... Carl all right now.
RISER: Daniela Hantuchova
Wonder Girl beat Castano, Daniilidou and Hingis in Doha. Hingis good, but Daniela better. Nice. Carl wants Daniela phone number. She have boyfriend?
SURPRISES: Melissa Torres-Sandoval & Sara Errani
Torres-Sandoval of Mexico gets wild card in Mexico and makes Acapulco, Mexico QF. Carl has headache. Torres ranked #402, and win $201 in 2007 before last week. Carl proud of Melissa. Carl need loan. Errani, 19, of Italy qualify in Acapulco. Beat Bammer, Kanepi and Garbin. Go to SF as #216 in world. What is "world?" Is flat? No? Carl scared! Like when first time Carl see fire!
VETERAN: Emilie Loit
Carl trying to hold together! Carl must take a break.


All right. Carl better now.

(clears throat)

27-year old Loit win Acapulco title over Pennetta. Also beat Dulko and Schruff. Third career title in three career finals. Last time in 2004, in Casablanca and Estoril. Carl think nice... but Todd want Pennetta to win so get both champions right this week. Todd angry. Carl no care. He no pay me.
FRESH FACES: Alize Cornet & Caroline Wozniacki
French Pastry Cornet, 17, qualify in Doha. Win Benesova and Bremond. Reach QF. She Australian Jr. SF in January. Getting better. Wozniacki, 16, take $75K challenger in Las Vegas. Make look easy over #1-seed Morigami in final. She Wimbledon Girl champion year ago. 14-1 in 2007. She going places. Caroline as tall as Carl?
DOWN: Anna-Lena Groenefeld
in 2006, Groenefeld win Acapulco. First career title. In 2007, she no defend title. Play hard court in Doha instead. She lose in three sets in 1st Round to qualifier K.Bondarenko. Anna-Lena one win in two months of season. Carl confused.

1. Doha QF - Henin d. Schnyder
Justine down 4-2 and 5-3 in 3rd. Justine win anyway. Carl want to be scared of Justine, but he like her too much. She no longer with husband. Carl see opportunity.
2. Acap F - Loit d. Pennetta
Flavia up 5-2 in 1st, then down 6-5. Lose 7-6. Flavia up 4-3 in 2nd, lose 6-4. Todd angry. Carl still no care. Carl think funny. Carl maybe want to hurt Todd.
3. Doha F - Henin d. Kuznetsova
Kuznetsova still no over hump in 2007. Carl think can help. Carl advice: win final match. Carl expect payment for advice.
4. Doha QF - Hantuchova d. Hingis
Carl know Martina win Tokyo and Gold Coast RU, but Carl still think she a little disappointing in 2007. Still like her, though. Still no find someone who know Daniela phone number. Carl depressed.
5. Doha SF - Henin d. Jankovic
Carl remember U.S. Open SF. Carl wonder if Jelena do, too?
HM- Acap Doub.F - Dominguez-Lino/Parra Santonja d. Loit/Pratt
Todd said mention Dominguez-Lino won doubles in Bogota last week, too. Why do Carl listen? Carl bigger than Todd. Can hurt him like furry animal in woods. Carl has idea.

JAN - Jelena Jankovic (Auckland-W,Sydney-L)
FEB - Amelie Mauresmo (Antwerp-W,Dubai-L)

8...Russia (4 titles)
4...BELGIUM (3)
4...FRANCE (2)
4...ITALY (1)
3...Serbia (1)

**2007 TOP 10 PLAYERS (13)**
[win pct.]
.909 ...JUSTINE HENIN (10-1)
.857 ...Kim Clijsters (12-2)
.824 ...Anna Chakvetadze (14-3)
.800 ...Maria Sharapova (8-2)
.792 ...JELENA JANKOVIC (19-5)
.765 ...Amelie Mauresmo (13-4)
.750 ...Nicole Vaidisova (9-3)
.737 ...MARTINA HINGIS (14-5)
.733 ...Dinara Safina (11-4)
.700 ...Nadia Petrova (7-3)
.600 ...PATTY SCHNYDER (9-6)
.600 ...Elena Dementieva (6-4)

2006 FINAL: Sharapova d. Dementieva

...Todd post later. Draw late. Come back soon.

All for now.


No regular "Backspin" next week. Indian Wells two-week event. "Volley," though, during week.

Pierre. Todd. Much words. A few of them worth reading. Maybe.


Look for it. Todd back next time, if Carl no hurt him too bad and take over "Backspin" for self.


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