Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Second Cup of Fed?

Lindsay Davenport is back in Bali (with a dominating win over Eleni Daniilidou), and the Noodles are ready to grab a second heapin' helpin' of Fed Cup success... or are they?

With housekeeping arriving later in the week in the form of the 3Q Backspin Awards, how about a quick WTA fix with a peek at the first post-US Open action (plus a few predictions to disregard as quickly as possible)?

*FED CUP - 2007*
=1st Round=
USA def. Belgium 5-0
Russia def. Spain 5-0
France def. Japan 5-0
Italy def. China 5-0

Russia def. USA 3-2
Italy def. France 3-2

Russia vs. Italy

1997 France def. Netherlands
1998 Spain def. Switzerland
1999 USA def. Russia
2000 USA def. Spain
2001 Belgium def. Russia
2002 Slovakia def. Spain
2003 France def. USA
2004 Russia def. France
2005 Russia def. France
2006 Italy def. Belgium

2007 Russia vs. Italy

17...United States
5....Czechoslovakia (+1 Slovakia)
2....Germany/West Germany
1....Slovakia (post-Czechoslovakia)
1....South Africa

2006 FINAL: Kuznetsova d. Bartoli
2007 TOP: Jankovic/Hantuchova

Jankovic d. Tanasugarn
Schnyder d. Hantuchova

Jankovic d. Schnyder

...well, Jelena might be planning to cut her schedule in '08, but '07 looks to be off limits. Less than a week after reaching the US Open QF, she's baaaaaaack. Oh, and so is Lindsay. The two could (and should) meet in the QF.

FED CUP FINAL (Moscow, Russia)
2006 FINAL: Italy def. Belgium

Russia def. Italy 4-1

...Kuznetsova, Chakvetadze, Petrova & Vesnina should be able to take out the Schiavone, Santangelo, Vinci & Pennetta team to end the Noodles' dream of a repeat. But the Russians played deep into the US Open, while the Italians have had more time to get themselves psyched up for this one. Still, the home court advantage should tip things in favor of the Hordettes in the end.

Jankovic d. Medina-Garrigues
Schnyder d. Hantuchova

Jankovic d. Schnyder

Russia def. Italy 4-1

All for now.


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jankovic v. davenport tomorrow!!


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