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Smoke Signals

A "Royale" so special it gets its own posting.

Well, not really... the draws just came out too late to be included in the regularly scheduled edition of Backspin (plus, Carl was in charge of that one).

06 WOMEN'S F: Sharapova d. Dementieva

07 TOP: Sharapova/Kuznetsova
06 MEN'S F: Federer d. Blake
07 TOP: Federer/Nadal

First, the women (the best the world has to offer... umm, minus Justine, Amelie, Kim, Venus or Serena)...

**ROUND OF 16**
Sharapova d. Zvonareva
Jankovic d. Pratt
Hantuchova d. Hingis
Chakvetadze d. Safarova
Ivanovic d. Bammer
Petrova d. Golovin
Vaidisova d. Safina
Kuznetsova d. Sugiyama

...hopefully, Sharapova's serve is sound after such an up-and-down period in January. She's had trouble with Zvonareva in the past (up 4-2 in career matchups, but with some close wins). Pratt is a wild stab in a section that includes Li and A.Bondarenko, neither of whom have played all that well of late. Hingis might get a quick shot at revenge against Wonder Girl, so that potential meeting could go the other way. Dementieva, the RU in Indian Wells a year ago, pulled out of this event (Bammer assumed her position in the draw); while Kuznetsova will soon defend her '06 Miami RU points (and is coming off a trip to the Doha final).

Sharapova d. Jankovic
Chakvetadze d. Hantuchova
Petrova d. Ivanovic
Vaidisova d. Kuznetsova

...Jankovic has been the workhorse of the women's tour so far in '07, playing 24 matches coming into Indian Wells. If it's Chakvetadze against Hingis, though, I don't like her chances quite as well.

Sharapova d. Chakvetadze
Vaidisova d. Petrova

...will it finally happen? Sharapova vs. Vaidisova? It HAS to happen SOMETIME, right?

Sharapova d. Vaidisova

..#2 Henin is closing in on #1 Sharapova in the rankings, and Sharapova is defending this title. Plus, with the clay court season just around the corner, the advantage will soon shift to Justine. Then, the Williams sisters could be healthy enough to forge a dual run on the grass at SW19. Maria needs this one... sort of.

**ROUND OF 16**
Sharapova(1) def Zvonareva(15)
Jankovic(7) def Bondarenko(23)
Hantuchova(14) def Hingis(3)
Chakvetadze(8) def Safarova(8)
Ivanovic(10) def Harkleroad
Golovin(13) def Petrova(4)
Vaidisova(6) def Bartoli(17)
Kuznetsova(2) def Razzano

Sharapova(1) def Jankovic(7)
Chakvetadze(8) def Hantuchova(14)
Golovin(13) def Ivanovic(10)
Kuznetsova(2) def Vaidisova(6)

Sharapova(1) def Chakvetadze(8)
Kuznetsova(2) def Golovin(13)

Sharapova(1) def Kuznetsova(13)

As for the men's draw, where Roger Federer will be attempting to tie the all-time Open era record of 46 straight match wins...

Federer d. Blake
Haas d. Safin
Roddick d. Fish
Youzhny d. Baghdatis

...Blake lost to Federer in the final in 2006. As usual, the odds are not with James when it comes to the King.

Federer d. Haas
Roddick d. Youzhny

...Youzhny has been on fire of late, but lost to Federer in the Dubai final. Has he lost his aura? Mikhail, not Roger.

Federer d. Roddick

...get ready, Mr.Vilas, for another ceremony "celebrating" the breaking of one of your records.

Federer(1) def Djokovic(12)
Murray(13) def Haas(9)
Roddick(3) def Ljubicic(9)
Youzhny(16) def Berdych(11)

Federer(1) def Murray(13)
Youzhny(16) def Roddick(3)

Federer(1) def Youzhny(16)

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Blogger Clibanarius said...

"...will it finally happen? Sharapova vs. Vaidisova? It HAS to happen SOMETIME, right?"

Not necessarily - and certainly not here.

Here are my picks:


Jankovic d. Li
Sharapova d. Zvonareva
Hingis d. Schiavone
Chakvetadze d. Safarova [can go either way]
Ivanovic d. some scrub
Golovin d. Petrova [because it's not a final]
Vaidisova d. Safina [can go either way]
Kuznetsova d. some scrub


Sharapova d. Jankovic [Jankovic will run out of gas or go on a mental walkabout]
Hingis d. Chakvetadze
Ivanovic beats up on her bitch Golovin
Kuznetsova d. Vaidisova or Safina


Sharapova d. Hingis
Kuznetsova d. Ivanovic


Sharapova d. Kuznetsova [Sharapova should be fresher, and her AO run notwithstanding, if she's reached this far it's because she's playing well]

But Sharapova vs Jankovic is critical. Jankovic at her best playing the Tokyo PPO Sharapova - no contest. I'm assuming Sharapova will be playing somewhat closer to her late 2006 peak.

Wed Mar 07, 09:24:00 PM EST  
Blogger Zidane said...

I've got two new Federerism for you (inspired by the shock caused by that win of Canas):

1- Roger didn't lose to Guillermo Canas, he, gentleman as he is, wanted to add some momentum to Canas' return.

2- When Roger lost to Canas, experts from the NASA were on red alert to be sure the Earth didn't stop moving.

Mon Mar 12, 02:57:00 AM EDT  

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