Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carl & Carla Plus Two

I got an email from Carla today. Yep, it finally happened. It's a boy... and a girl! Carlito III and Carlita... cavebaby twins!

Carl may never have time to go elking again.

Click for the baby stats:

"I'm overjoyed, dahling. It's such a blessed event," an exhausted Carla told me today. She also wanted to thank everyone who has offered her their love and support over the past few months. It was greatly appreciated. (And she wanted me to tell Diane that she'll return her call soon -- as soon as she wakes up from her expected 32-hour nap.) As for Carl, he just said, "Carl glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!" Then he fell over and hit his head.

So, essentially, the babies are the only conscious members of the family at the moment.

Carl, as you might remember, has recently been taking up the old -- very, very old -- family tradition of creating artwork to commemorate important events, so he managed to capture the hand-drawn images of the births of Backspin's newest cavebaby friends. Here's how he saw things:

First, the birth of Carlito III... then his sister, Carlita:

(From what I understand, Carl switched sides as he coached Carla through labor, hence the two different point-of-view angles of the births.)

Oh, and I hear from Carla that the "little" ones (I hear cavebabies grow up VERY fast) are already displaying prognosticating abilities. In fact, she caught little Carlo (he already has a nickname!) doing a cavebaby dance in the crib they share the other day because he apparently predicted that they would be fed moose-flavored baby food rather than bear.

Hmmm, I guess the proverbial apple really DOESN'T fall far from the tree. Oh, well... maybe he'll grow out of it.

All for now.


Blogger Diane said...

Little Carlo squish Gerber jar--want elk!

Tue Aug 20, 06:59:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Todd.Spiker said...

Haha! If jealous type, might squish baby on Gerber jar, too! :D

Tue Aug 20, 10:15:00 PM EDT  

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