Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maria won't be in the Open, but...

Maria Sharapova is out of this year's U.S. Open with her latest shoulder difficulties. But her presence will surely live on the rest of the year and beyond on the Maria Sharapova Social Channel.

Here she is discussing her initial shoulder injury, and the subsequent surgery she had in 2008:

And here's another brief clip of Sharapova with her agent:

Those videos come courtesy of the Maria Sharapova Social Channel. Visit the MSSC Facebook page here.

All for now.


Blogger jo shum said...

oh nice videos. maria has been making headlines all week, but nothing really about her game...firing coach, getting her dad to fire coach, getting her dad to be her coach, launching her anniversary for sugarpova, tryng to change her name to sugarpova for 2 weeks, and then withdrawing the idea to change her name, and then bamb! she is out of uso. seriously what was she thinking. if i don't know she is a glamour diva, i'd say she'd gone out of her mind. errrr....

Thu Aug 22, 11:13:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Diane said...

Actually, all of this (except for the Connors part, which was probably just the realization that she made a big mistake) seemed kind of un-Maria to me. I always associate her with calm management of her career and getting down to business. It doesn't feel "right" to me.

Fri Aug 23, 08:53:00 AM EDT  
Blogger jo shum said...

True, but I also wonder ever since she lost RG final where she often looked nervous and desperate, was that her greatest goal of the year. Afterwards came the verbal volley with Serena and then bumped out. She was playing her best tennis since beginning of the year. The AO loss was inexplicable and The Miami final was a heartbreaker too. I don't think her game can go one notch higher and her mental game not likely to be better against serena or vika. Now with her shoulder flaring up, just doesn't sound like great comeback in store in the future.

I just think, maybe she is a little bit lost too.

Fri Aug 23, 09:31:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Diane said...


Fri Aug 23, 10:01:00 PM EDT  

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